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Offering a wide range of Speciality Chemicals for Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Pharmaceutical Industries.


Banking on indigenous technology and ardent determination to succeed, we, Krishna Industries, have emerged as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Specialty Chemicals for Water Treatment , Waste Water Treatment and Pharmaceutical Industries. We offer a wide range of water treatment chemicals like Krisisperse 47 H (Acrylic Homo Polymer), Krisisperse 42 C  (Carboxylate-Sulfonate Co-Polymer), Krisisperse 43 T (Carboxylate-Sulfonate-Non Ionic Functional Ter Polymer), Krisisperse 40 C (Carboxylate - Maleic  Co-Polymer), Krisisperse 40 T (Carboxylate-Sulfonate-Maleic Ter Polymer), Krisisperse 45 Q (Carboxylate-Sulfonate-Maleic-Non Ionic Quad Polymer) etc. Moreover we also deal in various bromine based compounds like Hydrogen Bromide Gas in Acetic Acid- 33 %, Hydrogen Bromide in Different Solvent, like IPA, N-Butanol, Hydrobromic Acid  48 %, 1 Bromo, 3 Chloro Propane (BCP), 1, 4 Di Bromo Butane (1 4 DBB), N Butyl Bromide, N Propyl Bromide.